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We are dedicated to providing our customers the highest levels of support.

We provide support solutions tailored to the individual companies with guaranteed response times.

24/7 support can be provided - However we normally find the requirement is that the customer wants the system to continue running 24/7 with minimum downtime. To this end we deploy automated systems to monitor and restart / repair critical systems and to switch over to redundant systems automatically. Drastically reducing overall support costs. These systems can be expanded to include other systems and fault monitoring as required.

Email [SDSS] with details of your requirements.

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We provide our clients custom software solutions when this is the most cost effective solution against existing proven commercial or free solutions. If no solution is available then we can provide custom software in any of the following languages C, C++, C#, VB, VBA, VBScript, .Net, SQL, Perl, Python, PHP, Html, XML, Java, JScript (Other languages are supported).

Electrical Installation PDF Print E-mail
We have the ability to provide on-site installation personnel to install panels manufactured by us or others. Please contact us for a quote.
Software Testing PDF Print E-mail
We provide software testing and code review support to clients. Documentary evidence of the software performance and coding errors can then be corrected to reduce potential downtime issues.
Electrical Design PDF Print E-mail
We have the ability to design the electrical and control systems to meet your project requirements.
System Configuration PDF Print E-mail
We can supply resources to configure your software to specification on a fixed price or time and materials basis.
SDSS PDF Print E-mail

We are a dynamic fast adapting company designing solutions for the future of automation. Automation tends to lag behind the software community due to stability concerns with new software. However by keeping current in the software development arena and associated technological developments we provide our customers with software solutions that are better aligned to the up and coming software technologies. This future proofing of our software solutions requires continuous training and effort to ensure our customers are provided with the best solution at the best price.

PLC Programming Services PDF Print E-mail

We provide programming resources for all the following main type's of programmable logic controllers (PLC) If you do not see your type of PLC listed here then please send us an email. The programming packages are very similar for PLC's due to the harmonisation provided by IEC 1131.

Electrical Testing PDF Print E-mail
Our engineers can be provided to test and inspect your electrical and control systems in line with current legislation. Diagnostic reports and suggested improvements can be documented and implemented to improve the operational efficiency of your control systems.
SDSS License Guidelines PDF Print E-mail

The software and code templates provided on this site are Copyright 2005-2009 SD Systems Solutions Ltd. All other content and data, including data entered into this Web site and code templates added, are copyrighted by their respective copyright owners.

If you want to distribute, copy, or modify and SDSS code, you are welcome to do so under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

SDSS documentation and code is released under the terms of the copyright of SD System Solutions Ltd or by the specific license of their respective copyright owners.

All code released for download or use on the SDSS website may be used for commercial use at the sole risk of the user. If code faults are found or you have suggestions or modifications that improve the software please submit these in the forums so the entire automation community benefits. Please leave a reference to the original provider of the code in the source code to allow other users to navigate back here, if you do not wish to do so then please drop us an email, detailing it's intended use. If we own the copyright for the code we will generally allow you to remove the reference, we are then able to inform you if a critical issue is found with the code.

Support Policy PDF Print E-mail

If you are a paying customer and require support please contact us and we will be glad to help. For all software that is provided free of charge for download or use please use the forums for support.

Please Note: We always respond to paying customers first and work away a fair amount. We will however endeavour to respond to forum posts within a timely manner and usually withing a few days. If your project requires a faster response and you are willing to pay for premium support please call.