Beanair Wireless System Print

SDSS are pleased to announce the successful installation of a validated wireless EMS system to collect temperature information from mobile fridges and freezers.  The system collects data from autonomous battery powered devices via a series of gateways that are connected to a PCS7 EMS system via Ethernet, for environmental alarm management and paging/emailing of out of specification devices.

Each device has a battery life of >365 days (2yrs at configured logging frequency) and replacement is handled as part of annual calibration of the sensors.  The installed sensors contain integrated data loggers and these can store up to 16K entries in the event of a Gateway or any other failure. This allows the facility to be certain that critical storage temperature data will be available. (Humidity, Light, Pressure also available)

The Wireless devices installed are Beanair EcoSensor temperature “plug and play devices” (SUN_T).  They provide a low cost implementation with high reliability.  The embedded log feature enables the devices to double as standalone dataloggers.

The low cost of ownership of the devices make them ideal for applications such as; Building management, Embedded process measurement, Chilled Transport Temperature Tracking.

The system comes with its own installable application that can be easily integrated to other systems using OPC DA.